SF’s affordability is top concern in new poll from SF Chamber of Commerce
The Examiner, 02/18/2014
Affordability in The City has topped another poll, beating out homelessness as the top concern for residents. Read more…

NorCal State Senator Proposes Warning Labels For Sodas, Sugary Drinks
CBS News, 02/13/2014
A Northern California state senator is introducing a bill to put warning labels on sodas and other sugary drinks sold in the state. Read more…

San Francisco moves to put sugary-drink tax on ballot
Los Angeles Times, 02/04/2014
A coalition of San Francisco supervisors will move today to place a tax of two cents per ounce on sodas and other sugar-sweetened beverages on the November ballot, triggering what is expected to be a costly fight with opponents who aim to defeat it. Read more...

Richmond’s sugary beverage tax lost big, how’s SF different?
San Francisco Bay Guardian, 02/04/2014
Is the San Francisco beverage tax history repeating itself? Read more…

Video: San Francisco soda tax considered

KTVU, 02/04/2014
More than 750 businesses have signed up to stop the sugar sweetened beverage tax. One local businessman tells KTVU how the proposed bill could put him out of business. Learn more...
China New year Beverage tax-37

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Americans are making healthier food choices, new study says
Los Angeles Times, 01/16/2014
According to a new report from the US Department of Agriculture’s Economic Research Service, American adults are consuming more fiber, less fat, and consulting food labels. Read more…

America’s 5 Least-Affordable Housing Markets
The Street, 01/02/2014 found San Francisco the least-affordable housing market in America. Read more…

Study finds sugar drink consumption down for California
San Jose Mercury News, 10/18/2013
California kids are drinking fewer sugar-sweetened beverages than seven years ago, according to a study released October of last year. Public health advocates hailed the reduction as evidence that education campaigns and soda bans in public schools have had an impact. Read more…

California Cities Are Not Allowed to Pass Specialty Sales Taxes
Read more…

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